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This is me when I try to socially involve myself with my friends or society in general. Even though I try to be focus on the positive aspects of hanging out and exploring the world, my inner self gets conscious of the things I could not control myself.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: Social Anxiety

Most of the times I try to cope with my inner challenges each day when I socially interact with my peers.

It is me, sitting in an open field where I am able to focus on my inner thoughts while meditating. All the social-media platforms in my cellphone are turned off because through this I will be able to attain a focused mindset.

Step #2 – Get Cape – Preparing for Change

The idea behind this stick figure is that through the adaptation of meditation or spiritual activities (which I have never tried on daily basis) in my life while…

This is me, sitting in a peaceful environment and contemplating the things i need to do while meditating. On the right side of the picture I have shown myself trying to achieve what I intended to by focusing on bonding with my friends and family.


The whole scenario shows me as a central character who is trying to focus more on her relations with her family and friends by avoiding unnecessary distractions and…

This is me meditating during the early hours of the day which helps me to stay calm and focused, whereas on the right hand side I am more focused on my studies as a result of adapting meditation in my lifestyle.


The scenario elaborates the positive aspects of adapting meditation into my lifestyle, which initially helped me to be more focused and calm towards my surroundings on the first…

It shows me as a central figure who is more focused and happy when is determined to perform her wellness activity with full dedication and on the other hand when I was lazy to perform meditation, I was more distracted and unwilling to move a single muscle.


The whole idea behind it is that when I was drawing my conclusions I come to the conclusion that the days I got the highest productivity (focus) was…

It is me sitting in a corner on the worst days of my life (sudden breakup from a long term relationship), it felt like my whole world was collapsed and so, to get rid of it, i immersed myself into my entire world of negativity. it


It was the worst day of my entire life, where I got no motivation to keep going on with my life. As a result, my entire research was…

The comic shows me chilling out with friends on a bright sunny day, i went to shopping with my family after so long and get a chance to try my singing skills in karaoke room.


This was my luckiest and happiest day as I was happy to went on shopping with my family and in return i got gifts from my family members…

This is me shown as a person who will adapt meditation into her life for the upcoming future because of the positive effects it has into her life.


The stick figure show the positive effects of the wellness practice into my life. Initially I was always worried about the self consciousness and distraction in my life,…