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it\'s during the night time, a stick figure have their head on the pillow, unable to sleep, and now scream silently while everyone else is sleeping.

Step #1 – Back story – scream

Insomnia is something that I struggle with and had been attached to me for years. It’s helpful yet frustrating sometimes when I seriously need some rest after a…

A stick figure is sitting still in a bright morning, possibly bearthing.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

This is me want to see myself every morning. A young woman waking herself up, trying to calm herself and sense if she has any anxiety. If not,…

A stick figure is starring in the mirror, then counting.

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1: calm

I’m quite struggling on the first day. Well not really, as everyone is worry about their midterm, I myself included. Because I was stress and have a panic…

A stick figure is laying on the bed & crying.

Step #4 – DAY 7 (halfway) – get cape day 7

In this comic, on night 7, despite that half of my midterm was done, I’m still stressed. To the point that I had a panic attack, and this…

A figure staring at the chart.

my results

This is me looking at my chart, not surprised about my results. It felt like a rollercoaster chart, from going up high and dropping down real fast. To…

A stick figure looking at a paper.


This is a day before my midterm, I was looking at my materials and asking myself “what if I fail tomorrow?” and ended up stressed out a lot…

A stick figure laying down with eyes close, smiling.


I remember that this is one of the two weekends that I don’t have any assignments for a few rare days that I slept peacefully for around 8…

A stick figure standing.

step 8

There is nothing changed about my life after the project. However, I currently trying other ways to calm myself and not have stress or anxiety in my life.