7 Comics Tagged "CAP3.MEGAND"

The girl is watching and listening to the professor teach the lesson.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: Trying to find the Balance

The girl is stressed out and overwhelmed with her school work. She does not have any fun anymore and studies all day everyday. Despite studying all the time…

Stick figure buying a water bottle while giving the cashier money.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

The girl is buying a new water bottle with the proper amount of ml she needs according to health link BC, to keep track of how much water…

Stick figure girl filling up her first water bottle in the morning


She is filling up her first water bottle of the day and she is making sure that she is getting the correct amount of water in the water…

Stick figure is happy because she managed to drink the amount of water that is recommended every day for a week.


The stick figure is happy because she stuck to her goal of the amount of water she needed to drink every day for a week, she is also…

Stick person looking at a side by side comparison of her charts while drinking water

Step #5 – Show me the data! Drinking water daily conclusion

The girl is looking at her graphs side by side and drinking water. She is realizing how much happier she is that she drinks the amount of water…

Stick person driving and running out of water

Step #6 – Lowest day. Flop! Ran out of water

Stick person driving then realizing she ran out of water, she then has to find water to keep up with her daily water intake

Stick figure thinking about drinking water

Ran out of wateremembering to drink water

The girl is remembering that she needs to continue to drink water to keep increasing her health and happiness