8 Comics Tagged "CAP3.JULIOS"

One stick figure surrounded by junk food; fries on the right side, soda on the left side, on the top a bag of chips and below a slice of pizza.

Step #1 – Back story: Just one more… then I’ll start my diet!

This scene represents my daily life surrounded by junk food. Unsuccessful I have tried numerous attempts to stop eating unhealthy food. Every time that I feel sad, anxious,…

One stick figure, on the left side an ice cream cone, a donut and a slice of pizza. On the right side of the stick person, there is an apple, grapes and orange.

Step #2 – Get Cape: Making better choices

In this comic, I am walking towards the fruits and letting the junk food behind. It represents what I will be doing during the 14 days study.

A stick figure saying I need sugar.

Step #3- wear a cape: I thought It would be easier

I struggled a lot on my first day. I felt angry, tired, my patience level was almost zero. At night I thought to myself “why didn’t I choose…

There is a stick figure saying " I can do it"; on the left side there is a bubble thought saying " healthy food, yes" and on the right side another bubble thought with the words junk food on it.

Step#4 – wear a cape: day 7 – I can do it.

I thought that would be easier. I know that I have to eat healthily but my brain does not cooperate. I have to keep telling myself that I…

A stick figure walking towards a staircase, a bubble thought with the following sentence: The start of a new journey.

Step #5 – Show me the data! The start of a new journey

After analyzing my graphics my conclusion is that I just started a new journey, with a lot of high and lows. I’m pleased that I was able to…

A stick figure standing on a roadway, on the right side of the road a sign saying “ start”, a sun and a tree. On the left side of the road there is a flower and a raining cloud

Step #8 – Fly. Next

The end of the project Get Cape feels just like the beginning of a series of new adventures; with lots of sunny days and rainy days too. It…

A stick figure holding a remote control in fron a TV , a bubble thought with the words “food and TV “, and a bag of food delivered by Uber eats.

Step #6 – Wear cape – Flop? I want to stay in my room forever.

One of my worst days of the get cape project was the day that I spent in my room. I just didn’t feel like interacting with anyone and…

A stick figure exercising with dumbbells, a thought bubble containing the words Today is a good day. A sun on the top right.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest height … so far

This was a very productive day; I did everything on my to do list. Went to the gym; practiced piano; did my homework and had a well and…