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In this comic, I am exercising

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In this comic, you can see that I am exercising. A few months ago I was exercising almost everyday. When things started to get busy with school and…

In this comic, I am getting ready inside my house by stretching and drinking water before I go out for a run.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

In this comic, I am getting ready to go out for my run. To prepare I am stretching and drinking water inside my house. I am going to…

A stick figure walking in the trails

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1

In this comic, I am starting out my day 1 with a hike in the trails near my house because it was not raining.

In my drawing I am now exercising 4 times a week and feeling stronger and healthier.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7- exercising

In this comic I am feeling stronger, healthier and happier since I have been exercising 4 times a week.

Exercising and getting movement in everyday is related to my happiness and makes my happiness go up.

Step #5- show me the data! my conclusion is..

In my stick figure comic, I am running on the treadmill and reflecting on how my happiness is increasing. Before my workouts my happiness is lower than during…

I am inside my house, not able to fit in anytime to workout because of long my to do list was.

Day #6- wear cape- flop? your hardest day

In my comic, I am inside my house thinking about how I have no time to exercise because of how busy my day was with school, homework and…

In my comic, I was feeling good and motivated and went for a run in the day and a walk at night.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest height … so far

On this day, I had a lot of free time, and was feeling motivated to run in the morning and go for a walk at night. This made…

There are three stick figures that are showing how I will continue to run, hike and workout.

Step #8- where will you fly next?

In this comic, I drew three photos of me exercising. Working out is now a part of life that I will always try and fit into my schedule…