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Stick figure watching time go by

Stopped bettering my self

I used to read and educate my self on various thing such as how to become a better athlete or how to keep my well-being both mentally and…

This is me having my phone with me for most of the day, or I am on my game console. So, I need to move these things while I read.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change – Trying to get back into it

In this comic I am moving away my distractions, so I have time to focus on my reading. So turning my phone off and away from me, stop…

Starting to read in moderation which is helping me get back into it.

Step #3 – Wear Cape:Day 1

In this comic I am reading for longer periods of time while having my distractions in my room put aside. Although I’m reading for longer I take short…

In the park for what was meant to be 10 minutes trying to read but then after 5 minutes I left.

Flop Day

In this comic I am struggling to keep up with reading, basketball and all my other daily activities as I am sick and feel very weak.

Sitting in the park on a cloudy day, reading a book peacefully.

Step 5 – Getting in the swing of things

In this comic I decided to sit on a park bench and read my book which has gotten a lot easier over time. Especially to focus and be…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 6 – Hardest day since I started

In this comic am I am outside in the park lying down on the grass. Here I have become more engaged and comfortable practicing my wellness outside in…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 7 – Best day yet

In this comic i am peacefully lying down on the grass in the park reading my comic. This day was the best as am fully engaged and comfortable…

There is a yoga mat on the floor and a speaker which is playing calming relaxing music. The stick figure is preparing to do some yoga

Where i will fly next

In this comic I am starting to do yoga and hoping to implement this in my day to day life. There is a yoga mat and some music…