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Stick figure person preparing for the sleep. Air purifier on the table and the curtain is closed.

Step#2: Preparing for change

In this stick figure comic, I’m trying a different method to increase the quality of my sleep. I’m lying down in my bed and air purifier is on….

A person lying on the bed. A stich figure person having trouble during the sleep.

Step#1: Back Story

When I was younger, I felt like my soul left my body. I was there but it felt like floating. OBE’s occured because I was under stress.

Stick figure person lying on the bed. Air purifier is prepared before going to sleep. Alarm is set it up.

Step #3 – Wear Cape: Day 1

My first day was great. This is because I woke up energetic and more focused. The smell of air freshener has created a clean environment which increased the…

A person lying on the bed. There is a cabinet and a table in the room.

Step#4: Wear Cape Day 7

I’m feeling much better because I’ve changed some of my habits. I didn’t eat any junk food before going to bed. I also cleaned my room to have…

After reaching the highest point, I was so happy, relaxed, and fresh as shown by the picture above.


One day I spent a lot of time alone. It was wonderful to gaze at the sea and feel relaxed. During that time, my mind was free from…

There are stick figures of people smiling, laughing, and feeling sad.

Step #8 – Fly. Next “Caper” – Where Will I Fly Next?

The Get Cape study led me to the conclusion that sleeping 8 hours daily could help me become more effective when studying. My productivity has increased. My routine…

It contains two graphs which I was collecting and a person sitting on the table.

Step #5- Show Me The Data! My conclusion is….

The comic shows me collecting my daily focus measurement. My focus has greatly improved.

An image of a stick figure sitting on a chair thinking about her life.

Step #6- Wear Cape- Flop? Your hardest day…

My Get Cape project’s hardest day is shown in this comic. At the time, I was depressed and overwhelmed. It just comes natural to me to overthink when…