8 Comics Tagged "CAP3.BRAES"

A person thinking about other things while trying to do homework.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This comic is a depiction of how whenever I try and do homework or any activity that requires focus, my mind is thinking about a million other things.

Phone with a reminder to meditate, person pushing a chair, headphones, and phone with a meditation app

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

To prepare for research, I will need to set a reminder on my phone to meditate, get a chair and set up a space for meditating, get good…

BEFORE: A person looks distressed with tornados above their head. DURING: A person sits meditating peacefully. 30 MIN AFTER: A person looks moderately stressed.


Before meditating on the first day, my mind was feeling very flustered and all over the place. While meditating, I felt much calmer and was able to focus…

A person sitting and meditating with two spirit figures around them.


After meditating for seven days straight, I have noticed that I often feel uncentered in my body. Right after meditating, I feel much more grounded and physically in…

A person thinking about two graphs. One goes to 14 days and has a more straight line, one goes to 30 days and has an upward line.

Step #5 – Show Me the Data!

The main thing I concluded from looking over my results was that a study needs to be at least a month long to reach more conclusive results. The…

A person falling asleep while meditating.

Step #6 – Wear Cape – Flop?

On the worst day of my study, I was tired and worn out. It felt very difficult to focus while meditating and I kept almost falling asleep. My…

A person sitting looks up between the dark clouds to a blue sky.

Step #7 – Fly!

Something that was repeated throughout the meditation videos I followed was the idea that behind the fast moving, dark clouds that are your thoughts, there is always a…

A person doing yoga.

Step #8 – Fly

After trying out meditation for two weeks, I think I will try to practice yoga daily. It focuses on the breath (like meditation) while also forcing you to…